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Free 60 page Teacher Guidance and Glossary Booklet by Thinking Child

Thinking Child aims to produce creative resources and training opportunities for colleagues, children and parents. They have generously provided TA Focus with helpful guides for Teaching Assistants. Please read, share and give us any feedback on further topics you would like to know more about.


60 page grammar booklet – by Sue Dixon, founder of Thinking Child

Over the course of last term – in fact just this week – I’ve had lots of chats with TAs about GRAMMAR.

If you work in upper key stage in particular you will know that your need a good grasp of grammar to be able to support children’s reading and writing.

Understandably, there are anxieties; feelings of being a bit overwhelmed and/or under confident about grammar subject knowledge and terminology.

So I’ve decided to give away our 60 page Teacher Guidance and Glossary Booklet (usually sold as part of the school resource IT’S A CASE OF GRAMMAR)

The booklet is made up of sections: Words, Phrases, Clauses, Sentences and Punctuation with step by step information and ‘Talking Points’ at the end of each section.

It enables teachers and TAs to brush up on the parts of grammar they might feel a bit ‘shaky’ on. It can be done together at a staff meeting in small groups or individually.

Download this 60 page booklet ABSOLUTELY FREE