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Improving self esteem for SEN students

What can Teaching Assistants do to help SEN students?

It is well known that a number of SEN students will have self esteem issues. They may stand out, compared to other students in the classroom and social situations may prove to be difficult to handle.

Behavioural problems will certainly result and the SEN students may reconsider participating in group activities, isolating themselves which causes further issues. These emotions can be challenging both for other students, Teaching Assistants and themselves.

Teaching Assistants will often spend a great deal of time with SEN students, so can make a complete difference in self esteem. TAs can encourage and enable SEN students to enjoy themselves and become confident in various social situations. Praising the students and giving them encouragement for each situation will build confidence and make a huge difference to their self worth.

Perhaps the Teaching Assistant can use picture books or sticker charts to keep progress visible and help the SEN student to take price in their achievements.

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