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Sen Magazine coversSEN Magazine is the UK’s leading special educational needs magazine and covers a diverse range of topics in its bimonthly editions. Its readership includes SENCOs, parents, therapist, teachers and other specialists in the area of special educational needs.

The articles cover a range of SEN topics, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, cerebral palsy and much more.

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A copy of SEN Magazine is available free by simply sending your postal address details to SEN Magazine directly – anita@senmagazine.co.uk – and quoting TAFOCUS (no obligation to subscribe).

SEN Magazine’s data protection statement:

“We will store the information you send us, but we will not divulge it to anyone else, and we will not use it for any purpose other than to send you information about SEN Magazine.”

November/December 2013 Issue

The November/December 2013 issue of SEN Magazine covers a number of great SEN articles, including:

  • The new Department of Education SEN Code of Practice (under the Children and Families Bill).SEN Magazine Nov/Dec 2013
  • Autism – autism support, Nobel Prize winner and a recent study on how autistic children are being viewed negatively by their peers.
  • A new report showing how disabled and SEN children are affected negatively by low incomes.
  • ‘What’s New?’ section with apps, awards, prize draws and other snippets of useful information.
  • ‘Point of View’ section – Elaine Hook, freelance education consultant, writes an article on gifted children and the effects labelling can have. Sarah Alderson talks about her autistic son and how much she has learnt since his diagnosis.
  • School funding for SEN provision – a look at the changes of funding to schools. The new funding will be split into three elements.
  • SEN support for teachers – what will happen after the SEN system overhaul next year?
  • Creative Arts – students express themselves with creativity.
  • Support for those with PMLD (profound and multiple learning difficulties).
  • Delivering skills for life – Sarah Sherwood reports on independent schooling for children with ASD.
  • Gill Yaz discussed the effects of hydrocephalus and the impact in schools.
  • Dyslexia – Sarah Driver discussed the needs of dyslexic pupils.
  • ‘Book Reviews’ section, covering four very useful reads.
  • ‘CPD and Training’ section.
  • ‘SEN Resources’ directory.

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