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Working as a TA – videos

Hands on experience as a teaching assistant can be invaluable when ascertaining whether a TA role is suited. The following interviews give some insight into the world of SEN teaching assistants.


Teaching assistants in secondary schools. How TAs can question students at the right level and drawing on their own experiences. Assessing how much input to give the students and when to back away.


Preparation of classroom

Discusses preparing the classroom for SEN students. All resources within the class should be accessible to the SEN students. The role is rewarding, but low paid and sometimes challenging.


SEN student application process

Alastair Coomes discusses how the process of assisting special needs students takes place and explains some of the jargon used within the industry. Aimed at parents, but includes some fantastic explanations to help those unfamiliar with TAs.


SEN Teaching Assistant – (click to view on YouTube)

Describes how teaching assistants and SEN students are coordinated around the school on a daily basis to ensure students have adequate care according to their timetables. Teachers and assistants work together to assess the requirements for each student, also offering an open door policy for students.


Rob Webster’s Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants

Further details about Rob Webster’s presentation below

Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants chapter summaries

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